Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Nebraska goes purple.

A couple of weeks ago, the idea of the Nebraska Democratic Party was probably worth a good chuckle, in those parts.

Today, however...

Thousands of people statewide overflowed school gyms, sat in traffic and stood in groups on Saturday to be counted as part of Nebraska’s first Democratic presidential caucus. . . In Douglas County, the state’s most populous county, an average of 1,000 people turned out at each of 15 caucus sites. . . Sarpy County had one caucus site for 28,000 registered Democrats, triggering traffic backups for miles and complaints from voters while changing the way officials conducted the caucus. Law enforcement shut down Highway 370 . . . because the area was packed with cars.

The influx of people was so massive that volunteers began collecting preference cards for people who preferred Obama or Clinton, then allowing them to leave. . . “People are threatening to leave, and we didn’t want anyone to leave without being counted.. . The turnout is so far above all our wildest dreams.’’

“Desperation,’’ Sarpy County Democratic Party Chairman Burke Summers said when asked why officials changed procedures at the last minute. 

An early count showed that 6,000 people showed up at the school to caucus, including 2,000 people who registered Saturday. About 1,500 of the new registrants had switched from other parties.

“There’s a hell of a lot fewer Republicans in Sarpy County than there were yesterday,’’ Summers said.

Now, this might just be a wild guess on my part, but something tells me that most of the Republicans didn't switch to vote for Hillary. 

**Update** This post on Huffington tells the saga from a caucus-goer's perspective.
"The one heartening thing was that during the final announcement, the applause-o-meter for Hillary was at about 2 and for Barack it was at about 12."

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