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So, what happened in California?

So far, It looks like absentee ballots are having a HUGE effect on this race... unfortunately, not for the better. Lots of people obviously voted-by-mail a long time ago, and the races don't reflect the polls at all as a result, except as far as voters in the last few days are concerned, a majority of whom have supported Barack Obama.

How bad is the vote-by-mail effect? Take a look at this report from Glenn County:

updated 18 minutes ago

That's right. John Edwards is still in this race... and in the counts reported at this point, he's got double digits in most counties, so   Unfortunately, many of those Edwards voters are wishing they had their ballots back tonight. I would be willing to bet a fair amount of Clinton voters wish they had their ballots back too.  

Still, taking a look at the results, it's clear that it will tighten up somewhat, as the last votes to be counted will skew most heavily towards Obama. Some areas have already moved over into the Obama camp, but since we're back to paper ballots, it will take a long time to complete the counts.  Tomorrow midday will give us a better picture, I suspect.


If you look at just the votes which were cast yesterday in California, as opposed to the mail-in votes, Barack Obama won handily.

If you look at the votes by county with the mail-in votes,it's glaringly obvious that most of the votes were pre-South Carolina. This will not be the case for the rest of the election. Americans today know Barack Obama much better than last week... and they like what they see.

We have watched Hillary Clinton spend corporate lobbyist money at a rate faster than they can replace. In January, an army of Obama supporters raised $31 million, while Hillary raised about $15m, mostly from big donors who can't contribute anymore.

We have taken every low blow that she and her husband could afford to throw at us... and now, they're punched out, hoping that they can bribe our candidate out of the race with the Vice Presidency. Now they're low on funds, pleading for debates so that they can get some free air time.

They're claiming victory, and yet the gap in delegates between us and them is almost exactly as narrow as it was yesterday, and a strong victory with Democrats Abroad will make it almost exactly even.

It's pretty clear who's in a strong position now. After this point, all the momentum and support leans heavily to Barack Obama in the upcoming races. Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, Maine, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Hawaii, and Wisconsin.

What we have witnessed tonight is the high water mark for Hillary Clinton's presumptuous, overbearing quest for power.

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