Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

And yes, there's more bad news for Hillary.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, she appears to be doing to herself.

Now, I'm no great fan of Matt Drudge, but he gets a metric buttload of readers per day, many of them from people eligible to vote for Obama on Tuesday. Look at his top headlines for this morning...


PAPER: 'Hillary Clinton cries in Connecticut': Clinton's eyes filled with tears, which she wiped out of her left eye...

Garnish wages of workers who refuse to buy health insurance...
Clinton's Claim Of 35 Years' Public Service Questioned...



(So, you think perhaps he has a favorite in the race?)

Sludge Dredge Drudge is right about one thing though... it looks bad. Here was Hillary's quote about getting people who don't want her health insurance plan to pay for it.

"I think there are a number of mechanisms . . . going after people's wages, automatic enrollment. . . "

Garnishing wages?! Yeah... that's gonna sell well in middle America. Envision the sound of a million shotguns being racked, all at the same time.

I really, really don't get how someone who is supposedly politically savvy can say such a thing. She's just Darwined her health insurance plan with that quote, and she isn't even elected yet. 

If you're a voter who really *needs* affordable healthcare, can you realistically vote for her now?


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