Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Obama surges ahead in latest polls!

CBS has a new national poll, asking likely Democratic voters nationwide who they support:
Hillary Clinton  -  46%
Barack Obama - 49%

And in today's Zogby polls:

46% Obama, 40% Clinton
47% Obama, 42% Clinton
48% Obama, 31% Clinton
New Jersey:
43% Obama, 43% Clinton

Pollster John Zogby: "A very big single day for Obama in California (49%-32% over Clinton) and Missouri (49%-39% single day). In California, Obama has widened his lead in the north and pulled ahead in the south. He leads among Democrats and Independents, liberals and moderates, men (by 21 points),among whites, and African Americans. He holds big leads among voters who say Iraq and immigration are their top concerns. Clinton holds a big lead among Hispanics (though Obama has made some inroads), women, voters over 65, and has pulled ahead among those citing the economy.

"In Missouri, Obama leads two to one in the St. Louis region, and has solid leads with independents, voters under 50, and African Americans. He also leads among Missouri women. Clinton leads among whites and has big leads in the Kansas City and southwestern region.
"New Jersey tied in the single day as well as three-day. It is razor thin close in all regions. Obama has 12 point leads among Independents and men, while Clinton is up by 12 among women. Obama has a 25 point lead among young voters, while Clinton leads among older voters." 

A poll came out in New Mexico, which gives Obama the edge, 48% to Clinton's 42%. The sampling size is a bit low though, so take that with a grain of salt. Still though, it indicates quite a shift. Perhaps Barack Obama can attract latino voters after all?! He's also recieved endorsements from the major papers in that state.

The latest Quinnipiac poll for New York gives Hillary Clinton a 53% to 39% lead among likely Democratic primary voters in New York, a gain of 14% for Obama as compared to the previous Quinnipiac poll. Of course, the question is, how accurate all of this is, especially considering that a lot of Obama's supporters do not fit the description of "likely voters". 

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