Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Smoke, mirrors, gender politics, and Hillary.

What does it take for Hillary Clinton to fill up a stadium?
Like, for instance, the basketball stadium for the Aztecs in San Diego?

TimesOnline has the answer:

"On closer inspection, the Aztecs’ stadium was not as full as it looked for Clinton. Half the hall was closed off by a black curtain. On the one side were 5,000 cheering supporters - 80% of whom were women, and 100% of whom were Democrats.

The other, empty side could be said to represent the missing independents, disaffected Republicans and young first-time voters Obama is drawing to his 10,000-strong rallies - twice the size of hers."

(Or 16,000-strong, in this case. In Idaho, no less! More people than voted in the last Idaho Democratic Primary. No black curtains required.)

Ouch. Leave it to the British press to point out the politically incorrect fact that 80+% of Hillary's most voiciferous supporters are women.

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