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Do you believe in the power of LiveJournal to change the world for the better? Do you believe in politicians that don't lie their countries into unnecessary wars? Do you want your leaders to be honest with you for a change? Do you want them to unify Americans, rather than divide them? Do you want them to appeal to your dreams, hopes, and aspirations, rather than to cynically play upon your fears and doubts?

Do you want to spend the next four to eight years complaining about the neverending saga of a John McCain or Hillary Clinton presidency? Or would you rather make Barack Obama your next president?

...might I suggest that you put your money where your mouth is?!

Introducing the LiveJournal Users for Obama donation thermometer. I just donated $50 to get it started, and I'm asking those of you who appreciate the great potential of Barack Obama to donate whatever you can reasonably afford to help it reach the top!

If you support Obama but can't afford much $, you can also help get the word out, by posting the thermometer on your journal or on appropriate LiveJournal communities, letting them know that they can join the [info]obama_2008 to find out more about how to help the campaign to win on Super Tuesday.

You can probably copy-and-paste the thermometer into your journal posts, but here's the html code, just in case...!

<a href=""><img alt="" hspace="10" src="" align="left" vspace="10" /></a>

Super Tuesday is just a week away, and Obama has an army of grassroots supporters who are just getting warmed up. Can he come from behind to pull out a victory? You better believe it!  There are fewer than 1000 paid staffers for Obama and Clinton, but there are thousands of LiveJournal users. I intend to post daily updates through Super Tuesday, both here and in relevant LJ communities, letting you all know how you can take a bit of your time throughout the day to help give Barack Obama a decisive grassroots advantage in this race.

Expect that thermometer to fill up throughout the day. Better yet, help be a part of it! Click on the thermometer, contribute a few bucks, and help make history!   


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