Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The Florida Primary?!

This is a test of the Florida Democratic primary. 

The party leaders in your area, in violation of Democratic national authorities, have developed this unofficial primary to try to cut ahead of other states in the event of an actual election. 

For the next sixty seconds, you will hear a high-pitched whining tone that will let you know that your fellow Floridians just threw their votes away, followed by a collective yawn from the rest of America. 

Remember, this is only a test.



This has been a test of the Florida Democratic primary. If this had been an actual primary, you would have been instructed to vote one week later at one of the polling stations in your area.

This concludes this test of the Florida Democratic Primary. 


When asked about campaigning in Florida, even though she had agreed not to, Hillary pounded the podium, wagged her finger, and yelled "I DID NOT HAVE CAMPAIGN RELATIONS WITH THAT STATE!" 


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