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Paul "I want my fifteen percent!" McGuinness, longtime manager of the band U2, has called on Internet service providers to immediately introduce mandatory French-style service disconnection policies to end music downloading, and has urged governments to force ISPs to do so.

With an incendiary whine, McGuinness accused ISPs, telcos, device makers, and numerous Silicon Valley companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Oracle, etc. of building "multi billion dollar industries on the back of our content without paying for it", and accused them of being "makers of burglary kits" who have made "a thieve's charter" to steal money from the music industry. 

McGuinness called on high-tech companies to not just share ad revenue with them -- presumably for streamed but not downloaded  music -- but to also collect money across the board from consumers who use their sites, products, and services.

So, the next time that loud, obnoxious music loads automatically when you visit someone's MySpace site, just remember... you're a thief, and you're gonna pay for it!

Here, Mr McGuinness is seen recieving Ireland's "Pennypinching Bastard of the Year" Award, as he tries to describe the giant sucking sound that his vision of the Internet would bring to music fans.  

The entire text of his speech has been posted to the frontpage of U2's website.


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