Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

There's smart.... and then there's Army smart.

A new study released by NPP, a research group that looks at military trends, has concluded that last year barely 70 percent of new Army recruits had high school diplomas. In Nevada, the lowest ranked state, only 54% of recruits had a high school diploma.The Army's goal is 90 percent high school graduates, which it hasn't met since 2004. 

The percentage of what the Army calls "high-quality" recruits—those who have high-school diplomas and who score in the upper 50th percentile on the Armed Forces' aptitude tests—has declined from 56.2 percent in 2005 to 44.6 percent in 2007.  

Army recruits without high school degrees are more likely to drop out or have discipline problems.   Nearly 12% of new Army recruits needed waivers for problems with the law last year -- up from 7.9 percent the previous year and more than double the percentage in 2003. 

So, you have to wonder about this idea of increasing the size of the Army by another 74,000 people. By definition, isn't that asking for 74,000 people at the very bottom of the scale, who the Army would've rejected just a few years ago? 

The "good news" is that some Army officials expect the rate of high school graduates in the Army to increase soon, as more young people find themselves unable to get good jobs due to the recession... the one brought on to a significant degree by wartime deficit spending.


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