Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Oh dear.

A detailed 1998 New York Police Department analysis opposed the city's plans to locate its emergency command center in the World Trade Center.

...but apparently, Rudy Giuliani overrode the objections of his police force, and had it put there anyway. Clearly, this was an act of leadership that boldly stood up to obstacles such as reason or logic.

And, as families of the firefighters killed on 9/11 want to remind the people of Florida, after the first plane hit on 9/11, 39 minutes before the first tower fell, Rudy Giuliani and his commissioners showed initiative by running away from the scene as fast as they could. Unfortunately, some of the firefighters with defective radios weren't so lucky.

Gee, and Rudy was doing *so well* in his presidential campaign too. Do you think this might hurt his chances?!


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