Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Clinton campaign to workers: It's not illegal unless you get caught.

The Obama campaign has gotten their hands on advice sent from the Clinton campaign to all of their precinct heads in Nevada... and it's pretty ugly

Amongst the various pieces of advice the Clinton campaign sent to their precinct heads were:

"It's not illegal unless they tell you so" and "Don't be afraid to go negative on other candidates."

So, basically, they encouraged their workers to commit illegal behavior... and apparently, they did. 

Some of the numerous complaints made included the following:

- Numerous reports were made that Obama supporters were told that they had to wait until after 11:30 am to enter the caucus site, only to have the doors locked on them before they entered, 30 minutes before the doors should've been closed. In some cases, police had to be called in to cut locks Clinton volunteers put on the doors.

- Clinton supporters checking IDs and turning voters away after telling them that their IDs weren't valid.

- Taking all of the caucus voter cards, leaving the Obama and Edwards camps with none. When asked for to return the voter cards, Clinton campaign workers had pre-voted on the cards, marking them all for Clinton. 

- Voters were told by Clinton volunteers that they could not register to vote, because the sign-in sheets were only for Clinton voters.

- Taking all the ballots, and notifying Obama voters that no ballots were left, giving them small slips of paper in lieu of ballots.

- Collecting ballots from Obama voters prior to caucusing, only to stash them away privately, presumably to be disposed of. 

Apparently, the truth of how the Clintons have been running their campaign is finally coming out, and fellow Democrats are beginning to not mince their words.

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