Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The Nevada Caucuses.

Looks like Romney won the Nevada Republican caucus pretty overwhelmingly, with Ron Paul and John McCain neck and neck for a distant second place.

The caucusing for Democrats began just 30 minutes ago, and with about 25% of the results in, Hillary Clinton has a narrow lead over Obama, 48% to 45%, with 5% for John Edwards.  That said, the results are extremely early, and there is a huge reported turnout in some areas that appear to be more pro-Obama, which have yet to report their results.

It remains to be seen whether today's performance, combined with South Carolina, could be the end of any serious competition from John Edwards, who is falling relative to his prior performances. In one precinct in Clark county, there was a solitary Kucinich supporter, but not a single Edwards supporter. Considering how much loyalty so many Edwards supporters have, it's actually a bit of a shock. I can only assume that Edwards voters are switching with the intent of preventing a Hillary Clinton win.

For political junkies like myself, you can watch the live television coverage from KLAS in Las Vegas.  

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