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Prominent AIDS researcher, LGBT advocate endorses Obama.

I figured I would share this with the bisexual community, as it deals specifically with issues involving the rights of same-sex partnership, HIV/AIDS policy, and other issues we share with the larger LGBT community. -m.

Jerry L. Cade, M.D., Co-founder and Co-medical director of Nevada AIDS Research, and a prominent local LGBT advocate, has publically announced his support for Barack Obama.

He has written the following in his endorsement:

"For many reasons, I believe that the best hope for the LGBT and HIV/AIDS communities is Senator Barack Obama. In fact, the best hope for this country and the planet is Senator Barack Obama. . .  I am ultimately supporting Senator Obama because I think he will do the best job at ensuring we continue our quest for LGBT equality and ensuring that we take care of our brothers and sisters who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. . . 

There are clear differences among the candidates on LGBT issue and on HIV/AIDS issues. Furthermore, there is good evidence as to which candidates will most aggressively fight for us and for change. . . 

For example, both Senator Obama and Senator Edwards have called for a full repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act . . . Unfortunately, Senator Clinton would only partially repeal the act. Senator Clinton would "leave in place the section of DOMA that allows states to self-determine the question of marriage without being obligated to recognize the marriage laws of other states" (from The Advocate, January 8, 2008). . . 

Senator Obama's (as well as Senator Edwards's) main presidential websites . . . prominently display special sections showing their support for the LGBT community . . . In fact, I found a LGBT secion on every candidate's main website except for Senator Clinton's. . . . I am told that Senator Clinton supports us, but I feel like she wants to do so quietly. I am also bothered by the fact that Senator Clinton was the last of the eight candidates to declare her support for civil unions. . . 

 With respect to HIV/AIDS issues, all three candidates have called for increased funding for treatment and provention; however, as late as July of 2007, Senator Clinton had not decided if she supported repealing the ban on using Federal funds for needle exchange programs:

Fighting HIV/AIDS needs forethought, leadership, and courage. We need a president who is willing to take the lead in AIDS prevention and treatment. We cannot wait for someone to come around to supporting an issue once everyone else is already there. We need a creative, visionary leader who will implement whatever changes are needed to prevent further HIV infection. We need Senator Obama."


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