Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

An Obama blowout in New Hampshire?

It seems likely, as the turnout thus far is "absolutely huge", according to the New Hampshire Deputy Secretary of State. So huge, infact, that there are concerns about running out of ballots... Democratic ballots, to be specific. Undecided voters are apparently voting Democratic, by a large margin.

Really, the script couldn't be written any clearer for an Obama victory, as everything he could want demographically is falling into place. South Carolina looks to be a shoo-in for him, but after that, things could get interesting.

What I find particularly interesting, however, is that Barack Obama is going from New Hampshire to campaign in New York and New Jersey, Hillary Clinton's stronghold... assuming that she will actually have a stronghold after another big loss.  Hillary Clinton's campaign apparently is running short on funds, and appears ready to write off South Carolina. As such, they will need to really focus on a few states such as Nevada that, under normal situations, should be fairly easy wins but under current conditions will be anything but. 

Hillary absolutely needs a couple wins soon after S.C. falls into the Obama camp, but risks having New York and New Jersey put into serious contention while she's trying to eke out a victory elsewhere.  It's entirely possible that Obama could win this race by heavilly focusing on New York and California, and making use of the proximity to NYC and LA to raise money and rack up numerous national TV appearances.  It's got to be giving Hillary's campaign serious conniption fits, because the bedrock they thought they were standing on has turned to quicksand. 


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