Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

This post is brought to you by the letter "R"...

As in recession.  As in, we're now officially in a profits recession, and will probably soon discover that we're in a general recession.

And, if, as I think, consumer prices keep going up due to a devalued dollar and higher oil prices, then we find ourself facing something that feels awfully close to stagflation... though the continued decline in housing prices might just mean that we don't technically trip that barrier. Still, given that a lot of Americans don't own a house and won't benefit from lower housing prices, it will feel just as bad as stagflation for those most vulnerable to it.  

Ah well.. .at least when the next president is elected, it won't be possible for the Republicans to say that this didn't happen on their watch. And after the last several Republican administrations, it will be relatively easy to say that the Republicans are the party of big deficits and Social Security shortfalls. 

Frankly, the Democrats should start a dialogue with senior citizens and let them know that if they keep voting for Republican deficit spenders / Social Security plunderers, they might have to look at getting a job at McDonalds, splitting their pills, and/or adopting a ramen and catfood diet.  


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