Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

As pure as the driven slush.

Go Hillary Go!  (...away.)  

According to the latest polls, Barack Obama has pulled out to a 12% lead in New Hampshire after a huge Iowa win, and Hillary Clinton's campaign is in complete meltdown, largely because she is, quite literally, hopeless! As in being cynical, pessimistic, fearmongering, meanspirited, and lacking any meaningful sense of optimism. 

Now, as "liberals", we frequently play nice and let things slide... but sometimes, it's necessary to say something about especially eggregious statements, lest our intestines pop out of our bodies and try to strangle us...

"Of all the people running for president, I’ve been the most vetted, the most investigated, and — my goodness — the most innocent, it turns out." 
- Hillary Clinton yesterday in New Hampshire


I would like to meet that Hillary Clinton, but unfortunately I don't have a time machine that can take me back to 1962.

To state the facts of the matter:

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly made a mockery of the law and the truth, and believes that she can twist it, parse it, and evade it through misuse of her legal education. 

It was Hillary Clinton who has repeatedly had "no recollection" of her actions throughout her career, when forced to testify about them.

It was Hillary Clinton who was the only First Lady in American history ever investigated for obstruction of justice. 

It was Hillary Clinton who was found to have boxes of subpoenaed records in her offices, which weren't turned over to investigators in anything close to a timely manner. 

It was Hillary Clinton who falsely accused Gennifer Flowers, her husband's mistress, of being a liar who doctored tapes to make it appear that she had an affair with her husband. 

It was Hillary Clinton who urged that everyone in the previously non-partisan White House Travel Office be fired, so that donors for the Clintons could profit from the millions of dollars that went through that department.

 It was Hillary Clinton and her husband who defrauded the taxpayers of Arkansas by claiming their kid's private nanny was a "security guard".

Now, I'm not trying to slander Hillary Clinton here. There are mountains of claims regarding Hillary Clinton that people have dug up that I'm not even going to get into. These ones that I have mentioned, however, are established, well-documented, 100% provable facts, and I challenge any Clinton supporter to clearly show that they are not. 

But it's not just her past that's corrupt. It's the corrupt, cynical way she and her campaign behave today. 

It's the planted questions in her public appearances. 

It's her defense of corporate lobbyists as "real people", who should, in her mind, have the right to buy elections and politicians.

It's her campaign's cynical attacks on Barack Obama, not only as a teenager who used drugs, but as a 5 year old black kid who dared to dream of becoming president one day.

It's her belief that "we don't need to be raising the false hopes of our country", as if the hopes of our country for clean, responsive government are, and must by definition be, false.

Hillary, America *needs* hope.  Without hope, no real change is possible. We need to put ordinary Americans ahead of special interests, and we need an end to partisan politics and political gridlock. And if we've seen anything from Iowa, it's that this belief is widespread. It's clear now that millions of Americans are prepared to demand not only a change in leadership and priorities, but willing to demand more of our leaders than we have in the past.

So, don't tell us that our hope for the future is misguided and futile, when it's all that's keeping our country from falling into despair, apathy, and decline.  And don't expect us to view you as innocent, trying to twist your record of lies, corruption, and of disrespect for the law and the truth as "a vast right wing conspiracy", rather than as something that's your own damn fault.

You're not innocent, Hillary. You just haven't been convicted.


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