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Thank you, Dennis!

“I hope Iowans will caucus for me as their first choice this Thursday, because of my singular positions on the war, on health care, and trade. This is an opportunity for people to stand up for themselves. But in those caucus locations where my support doesn't reach the necessary threshold, I strongly encourage all of my supporters to make Barack Obama their second choice. Senator Obama and I have one thing in common: Change.

- Dennis Kucinich, encouraging his supporters to back Obama as their second choice at the Iowa caucus.

Frankly, this is an encouraging move. We need to see more of an emphasis amongst candidates who aren't likely to be viable to back other reformist candidates... because after Bush/Cheney's damage to the American system of democracy, to the point that Bush has unaccountable kinglike powers that even post-Magna Carta monarchs in Britain didn't have, we need to reform the system.

Put the war aside for a minute. Historically, I'm convinced this election should be all about fighting corruption of the political system as a whole, and that things like preemptive wars are really more symptomatic of a larger problem. I believe history will harshly judge us should we support the corrupt Clinton regime, because it is somewhat less aggressive than the corrupt Bush regime. Whether you are talking Clinton or Bush is kind of meaningless, because both reflect a downward trend in honest, accountable government.

Ultimately, neither Bush Sr. or Bush Jr., Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton, have ever taken a principled stand on defending the Constitution and U.S. international agreements with the UN.

Bush Sr. was deeply involved in the whole "arms for hostages" / Iran-Contra scandal. In an early interview with the FBI in December 1986 and in the OIC deposition in January 1988, Bush acknowledged that he was regularly informed of events connected with the Iran arms sales, including the 1985 Israeli missile shipments to Iran. These statements conflicted with his previous public assertions that he was "out of the loop" regarding the Iran-Contra scandal. The investigators twice issued subpoenas, requesting any documents relating to the scandal, including "diaries", as far back as 1987. It wasn't revealed until 1992 that Bush Sr. kept a diary that contained numerous references to Iran-Contra.

Following this disclosure, President Bush retained private counsel. In January 1993, his counsel reported that Bush did not recall reviewing the 1987 document request and was not aware that it called for the production of personal diaries. There was, however, substantial evidence that a copy of the March 1987 document request was received by Vice President Bush, and that the requirements of the request, including the demand for personal materials and documents, were communicated to Bush by his counsel, C. Boyden Gray.

So, basically, he lied to the American public, failed to submit to a subpoena -- twice -- and intentionally interfered in a criminal investigation. He also used his presidential pardon to skirt justice for numerous Reagan/Bush appointees who participated in the scandal.

And no, Democrats, Bill Clinton wasn't much better. Sure, there was "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." and "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is", but really, there's so much more besides that. It should be remembered that he also launched a preemptive conflict without UN OR Congressional authorization. Indeed, a resolution stating that the United States should not send, or even pledge, American peacekeepers to Bosnia without permission from Congress passed 315 to 103, but Clinton basically ignored it.

So, in what way *DIDN'T* Bill Clinton help create precidence for a preemptive war in Iraq? He even supported Bush's invasion, only to turn around this year and claim that he never supported it.

As for Hillary, she appears to be cut from the same cloth as Bill. Obstruction of justice, for starters. Legal records from the Rose Law Firm which had been sought by prosecutors for two years, turned up in a White House room to which only the aide, the Clintons, their house guests and servants had access. Of course, there were also issues relating to the "renting out" of the Lincoln bedroom to political donors, "travelgate", where she personally was involved in firing White House travel coordinators so that she could financially rewards friends of the Clintons, and so many more scandals during her time in the White House. And while Hillary Clinton claimed a "vast right-wing conspiracy", and, indeed, while the right wing was out to get the Clintons, there is nothing on this page regarding her lies during the Clinton administration which is not factually accurate. It's simple political reality that in the world of politics, your enemies will be gunning for you. That, however, does not absolve politicians from their wrongdoings. Nobody made the Clintons openly lie to and try to deceive the American people, or indulge in corrupt behavior. They did that to themselves.

And while some of this is old news, there are newer claims, undisputed by the Clinton campaign, that Hillary Clinton listened to secret, illegally recorded audiotape of her husband's political critics, and that, as a Senator, she has repeatedly violated Senate rules by not revealing the identity of all of her employees.

If we want a country which never again indulges in illegal, unconstitutional preemptive wars, then we need to address the larger issue of systemic corruption first, or else face a future of terminal political corruption and lack of accountability.

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