Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Pakistan government covers up cause of Bhutto's death?

A witness to the body of Benazir Bhutto says that she was shot in the head, and that there was an exit wound, while Sky News is airing video of the assassination, which seems to indicate that Bhutto was fired at more than just twice, as initially reported.

Tthis is contrary to Pakistani government position, which said that she fractured her head on the vehicle's sunroof after the explosion. This seems to be unlikely, however, as this video indicates that Bhutto had already dropped back inside the car before the bomb went off.

Likewise, the Pakistani government conveniently leaked a telephone intercept / "terrorist admission" that they claimed to have intercepted shortly after the attack, however the parties they claim organized the assassination loudly, voiciferously deny it.

To make matters worse, Pakistan's government is refusing to allow the FBI, Scotland Yard, or other foriegn agencies to assist in the assassination investigation, as Bhutto previously requested for the last assassination attempt on her where over 100 people were killed.

Sometimes, a grassy knoll is just a grassy knoll... and sometimes, it's not.


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