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Benazir Bhutto names her killer: "Hold Musharraf responsible."

In an email that she sent to US adviser / spokesman Mark Siegel,

Nothing will, God willing happen. Just wanted u to know if it does, in addition to the names in my letter to Musharraf of Oct 16nth, I wld hold Musharraf responsible. I have been made to feel insecure by his minions, and there is no way that what is happening in terms of stopping me from taking private cars or using tinted windows or giving jammers or four police mobiles to cover all sides cld happen without him.  

"She basically asked for all that was required for someone of the standing of a former prime minister," Siegel told CNN. "All of that was denied to her. ... She got some police protection, but it was sporadic and erratic." CNN reporters at the scene mentioned that the security around her appeared "loose" and indicated that they were surprised that they were allowed to get so close to Bhutto's vehicle without being checked.

Musharraf's government also refused Bhutto's request for Scotland Yard and the FBI to aid in the investigation of the first assasination attempt on her life when she entered the country, and made sure that no serious investigation into the events of that attempt occurred.

Incidentally, the letter she wrote to Musharraf on Oct. 16th shortly after the first assassination attempt apparently named several members within Musharraf's government as possibly having ties to that attack. She mentioned this while talking to David Frost in this interview, in which she said:

"one of them is a very key figure in security. He's a former military officer. He's someone that has had dealings with Jaish-e-Muhammad, one of the banned groups of Maulana Azhar who was in a Indian jail for decapitating three british tourists and three american tourists, and he also had dealings with (Sheik) Omar. . . "

Based on what she and others have said, some of the most likely people on her list are Hamid GulChaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain

Some claim that the assassination showed signs of being done by a marksman

"The shooter was either very well trained or he was very close..."

So, the question to be asked is whether the Musharraf government either did anything to encourage or sponsor the attack -- possibly through the actions of Pakistan's ISI intelligence agency, which is known to have longstanding ties to the Taliban -- or whether Musharraf's government intentionally created an impossibly dangerous situation for Bhutto to run for office.

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