Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Musical Tastes and Mp3's...

Well, I was sick. Quite sick. Sick at home... Will probably be sick at home today too.

I found myself running out of room on my 17 GB drive, so I spent a lot of time reorganizing the content, deleting unneeded things, etc. I have two huge space wasters on that drive... all my digicam photos and all of my mp3's. I had about 1000+ unsorted mp3 downloads that needed to be properly labeled, etc... so I spent several hours doing things like making sure naming was consistent, getting rid of duplicate, damaged, or incomplete files, etc. Now I have a relatively tidy little collection of mp3's... I even made a spiffy little list of all my MP3s (with the exception of things like German lessons, sound effects, etc.) for people to peruse. If you really need something, um... well, maybe.

That is a definite problem with Napster... too hard to find a specific user on a specific server. Really puts a crimp in community.

It strikes me just how incomplete this list of mp3's is as compared to everything that I would like... for some reason that eludes me, I don't have a slew of Tori Amos MP3s yet. Must be all those CD's I listen to instead. I should at least have "Happy Workers". Ah well...

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