Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Hillary offers to negotiate with a terrorist.

A man carrying fake explosives seized several hostages at Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire campaign office on Friday before surrendering peacefully to end a tense standoff.

But here's the interesting twist on the story...

New Hampshire State Police Col. Frederick Booth said Eisenberg had strapped highway flares to his body, held a detonator that gave the appearance he was holding an improvised explosive device and demanded to speak with Clinton. Clinton had offered to cooperate, Booth said, but police negotiators did not want her to talk with Eisenberg.

So, to make it clear, Hillary Clinton is willing to talk directly and unconditionally with a terrorist, but she's not willing to do the same with Iran's president or other foriegn leaders the US and / or Israel frowns upon.

Considering that Howard Dean committed political suicide by going "Yaargh!", this seems like it really should be a much bigger deal than it is. 

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