Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Musharraf the dictator.

It looks like Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf has declared martial law, and has illegally sacked a Supreme Court Chief Justice who opposed the legality of his rule. Troops have been deployed to -- i.e. seized control of -- Pakistan Television and radio stations, and most phone lines are down. 

Musharraf had been awaiting a Supreme Court ruling on whether he was eligible to run for re-election last month while still army chief. The court had said on Friday it would reconvene on Monday and try to finish the case quickly.... apparently, Musharraf was tipped off as to the likely verdict.

Also, Aitzaz Ahsan, president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, was taken from his home and arrested.

"One man has taken the entire nation hostage ... Time has come for General Musharraf to go," he said. Fellow lawyers shouted "Go Musharraf Go" as Ahsan was taken away by police.

 So, when are the newspapers going to stop referring to Musharraf as a president, and start referring to him as a dictator?


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