Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Iraq?! I ran!

And now, the latest news from the Coalition of the I'm So Outta Here. 

South Korea has announced that they're extending their mission in Iraq into next year, but the big news is that they're pulling out half of their 1,200 troops right away. 

Georgia is planning to reduce the number of its peacekeepers in Iraq from 2,000 to 500 troops in 2008, while enlarging its contingent in Afghanistan, their deputy defense minister announced earlier this month.

Poland just had their elections this weekend, and the former opposition party won a landslide victory, replacing a very pro-Bush administration. Their goal is to pull all 900 of their troops out of Iraq as soon as possible, which, politically speaking, means sometime in early 2008.

The next Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has announced that he will withdraw Australian troops from Iraq when elected. Australia has about 1,500 troops in and around Iraq. Meanwhile, the soon-to-be-former Australian Prime Minister is being chased down the streets of Australia by giant bunnies, and pursued by mad inventors with time machines, offering to take him back in time so that he can resign while he still has some degree of dignity left.  

And, of course, earlier this month, British PM Gordon Brown announced that half of their 5,000 troops will be withdrawn by spring, while leaving open the possibility of withdrawing all of them next year.

That's up to 9,500 troops in total. Fortunately, U.S. forces can cover the slack... right?!



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