Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Is the next big epidemic already here?

A new study indicates that deaths from drug-resistant staphylococcus bacteria in the U.S. now top those from AIDS

More than 94,000 Americans contracted life-threatening MRSA infections in 2005, including blood and bone infections, pneumonia and inflammation of the heart's lining, and up to 19,000 died from infections that year. 

Most of the infections appear to have been traceable back to hospitals, nursing homes or medical clinics, but there is evidence suggesting that the disease is starting to spread in gyms and schools as well.

One of the big concerns regarding antibiotic resistant diseases is economic in nature -- it costs a lot to develop successful new antibiotics, but newer, more powerful antibiotics are ironically less widely used.  As a result, it is increasingly likely that science will not be able to keep up, as it's increasingly less profitable to do so.

Socialized medicine, anyone?! 


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