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Al Gore's other award.

As many of you know by now, Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today.

Well, seeing that he's riding a tide of good news, I figured that I would announce that I'm joining up with the folks at , and will let all of you out there know that he's my preferred Democratic candidate for President.  

I believe that Al Gore has a much better chance of winning the Democratic Party nomination than Barach Obama. He's more experienced than all other candidates. He's forward-thinking and just plain right on the most important issues effecting this country, he's a strong candidate, even in the conservative South and Midwest, his values are more in line with most Christians than the Republican frontrunner.and he's a populist, capable of unifying much of this country.   
I'm going to be volunteering with the organization, helping to get him on the California ballot, and have also sent along a nice little donation so that they can keep placing ads, such as this full-page ad they released in the New York Times 

Now, I'm a am a fairly pragmatic person. I certainly don't believe in throwing my vote, my money, or my time away. But the movement to draft Al Gore is gaining serious attention... look at the huge surge in traffic to the site that has occurred lately. 

Now, the latest stats are for yesterday, before Al Gore's Nobel Prize award... odds are good that today's "daily reach" traffic is even higher. But how much traffic is that? Well, a quick comparison to's stats show that already, the level of activity is almost the same. That's a huge change in a very short time.

Recently, I polled my readers, asking what they thought of the idea of Jimmy Carter running for President. A whopping 75.4% preferred him over Hillary Clinton. However, a commanding 63.8% preferred Al Gore over Jimmy Carter. It's taken a bit of time for Democrats to evaluate the current candidates, but the results are kind of obvious. Given the choice, most Democrats would currently vote "none of the above". None of them are truely worthy yet of the highest office in the world's most powerful country. None of them.

Al Gore *CAN* beat Hillary Clinton to be the nominee, and Al Gore can be your next President... but if you are amongst the many of you who showed your support for Al Gore just a few days ago, please consider this -- the time for showing your loud, vocal, open support for Al Gore to run for President is NOW, while he's got the world's attention and while he still has time to enter the race and raise funds. Not tomorrow. Not next week. NOW. 

Support him now. Visit and sign the petition to add your voice to the over 160,000 people who have already done so. Take the time to post about on your site and let others know. (Feel free to copy and edit my post if you wish.) If you have a bit of free time, offer to volunteer. If you can spare ten bucks, twenty bucks, or even more, please send them a donation. It's as easy and painless as paying for an LJ account. You can even use PayPal.

Even if Al Gore politely refuses to enter the race, or decides to endorse another candidate, you can at least feel sure that you've done your best, and your actions will only help to increase Al Gore's level of prestige on the world stage. So if you support what Al Gore has done to bring about action on global warming and environmental issues. this is a good way to say thanks for all his efforts. 

Ultimately, this election is about political expediency versus political courage. While there are some candidates running for office who have shown political courage, the political expediency that led us into an tragic, costly, unneccessary war is currently winning the day. 

You can help change that. Now is the time to act.

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