Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Deadly secrets in Afghanistan?

Massachusetts National Guard Spc. Ciara Durkin, 30, was found with a single gunshot wound to her head on a building at Bagram Airbase -- a *VERY* large, very secure military base -- on Sept. 27. She was initially reported as having died “in action,” but later it was revealed that she was killed in a “noncombat” incident that is still being investigated. 

“The last time she was home she said she had seen things that she didn’t like and she had raised concerns that had annoyed some people,” said Durkin’s sister Fiona Canavan, 44, of Quincy.  "She said, and I thought she was joking, that if anything happened to her we had to investigate.”

Durkin was in a finance unit and her family believes that she may possibly have discovered some improprieties.

Canavan said Durkin was openly gay with members of her family, but she did not believe that had anything to do with her death, though the family cannot rule it out.

"Ciara was a lesbian, and that's bound to come out," Canavan said. "It is possible that someone over there found that out, and, you know, maybe they were very homophobic."

The family has appealed to Sen. John Kerry to investigate the matter. A Boston Globe article observed: “Kerry said the Durkin family desperately needs answers to three questions: Why has the Army not responded to the Durkin family's request for an independent autopsy? Why, after not responding to the family's request for an independent autopsy, did the Army fail to contact the Durkin family with the Army's autopsy results? The family was told to be available to receive a phone call between 1 and 3 p.m. on Oct. 1, and the Army never called. Why has the Army refused to make Durkin's will and paperwork available to her family, so they can respect her wishes as they plan her funeral and burial?”

All good questions, really.


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