Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Ollie North betrays our country again... thanks to FoxNews!

From his latest article on FauxNews:

"For months, Mr. Bush has been trying to build international support for stronger measures against Iran’s nuclear weapons program..." 

So, Ollie North and FauxNews are basically taking it as a given then that Iran has a nuclear weapons program?  Perhaps the guy over at FoxNews who factchecks their stories was on vacation that day. Gee, I wonder how their viewers get so incredibly misinformed...

Perhaps they didn't get the memo that both the AIEA and even members of the Bush administration have acknowledged that Iran cannot currently produce weapons-grade uranium, and that they're currently only capable of refining it to about 5% purity... barely good enough for nuclear power, but about 1/18th the strengh needed for a nuclear weapon. They would need a major  nuclear reactor to refine weapons grade uranium, and we absolutely know they don't have it, period, end of story...  so talking about a "nuclear weapons program" is more than a bit premature. Really, it's like the difference between light beer and everclear!

And, of course, the chief U.N. nuclear inspector has said that there is no evidence of an active Iranian nuclear weapons program. Not that we should trust the words of him over those of our president. This isn't the first time that the chief UN weapons inspector dared to challenge our President's assertions... after all, he had the gall to claim that Iraq didn't have nuclear weapons either!

(So, yeah, he was right about that one... Lucky guess!)

 Statistically speaking though, if Bush was made President-for-Life and invaded a different country each year for the next 30-40 years, there's a chance that he *might* actually find a country which has chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons... and when that country uses those weapons to kill American soldiers and/or civilians, finally, finally... our President will be vindicated! 

Out of curiosity, who else does Google News mention as being biased/ignorant/warmongering enough to talk about "Iran's nuclear weapons program" as if it were an established fact? How about Louisville, Kentucky's Courier-Journal, Israeli hardliner Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. Senator Richard Lugar, the International Herald Review (part of the New York Times Co.), The Wall Street Journal, Right-wing author/loon Kenneth Timmerman, The Jewish Exponent, and the American Enterprise Institute.

So, if you examine this list, and throw in Ollie North/FauxNews, it seems pretty obvious that the people who tend to incite wars in this country are:

- Military commanders who don't mind breaking laws, arming enemies, and violating their oaths to the Constitution
- Rupert Murdoch-owned news sources
- Ignorant hillbillies
- Likudniks and the Israeli-Americans who love them (...especially when they get Americans killed)
- Hawkish rightwing senators with close ties to the military-industrial complex
- Rightwing hack author/bloggers who want to be politicians, but who can't cut the mustard 
- People who think that war is good for the stock market.
- Neoconservative thinktanks.
- And yes, those fine "liberal" journalists over at the New York Times. 

Am I missing anyone?!


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