Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Another yay!

Syndication of comic strips through LiveJournal is starting to come together, slowly but surely, and with much thanks to Opi. Looks like I can now read "Too Much Coffee Man" add to friends list through my friends list... it will be even cooler when we offer fully integrated xml syndication.

And after comic strips... musicians! By odd coincidence, I wrote to the webdesigner for the Blake Babies today regarding another issue and gave her the spiel on syndication. Cross your fingers...

After all those years of doing the college radio/indie record store thing, maybe I can actually help make things a bit easier for all those musicians out there. You've gotta respect people who throw their lives in the back of a rented Ryder, deal with the constant touring hassles, and who even pay their record label just to make music for a living.

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