Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Hurricane Dean approaches Kingston.

As bad and as close as Hurricane Dean is to Jamaica, there may be some hope. The latest boatus tracking chart shows a very slight "bounce" away from the island.

Let's hope it bounces even more, real soon.

**Update ** Unfortunately, Hurricane Dean has actually wobbled closer to Kingson, which is being exposed to some of the strongest winds on the northside of the hurricane.

Power106 Jamaica went down for a bit, but now I can hear them again. Very staticky signal, and very hard to make out much, but I can make out about a third of what is said by tweaking the equalizer.  

I heard from genkiness in the Dominican Republic, who says:
"I live right in Santo Domingo, my house is near the Malecon, like 3 streets away from the sea and so far nothing has happened, just a lot of rain...
The newspapers have announced a few deaths but I dont know the exact number yet."

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