Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Snow job.

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow has announced that he will step down soon due to financial reasons.

"When my money runs out, then I've got to go."

Indeed, I'm sure all Americans can relate to just how hard it can be to survive on a salary of only $168,000 a year

Of course, the perks are nice too.
- health care from many of the nation's best doctors for just $100 per month.
- access to a staff of nearly 100 butlers, doormen, maids, drivers, chefs, waiters, "gift analyzers,'' florists, and calligraphers.
- full coverage for his travel expenses. (The total White House Staff travel budget? More than $100M a year.)
- The ability to expense a lot of his work-related costs, such as clothing, etc. (Total White House budget for expenses? About $150 million.)
- Free food, limos, first-class accomodations, etc. 
- The right to dine in the White House Mess, personally catered to by a Navy steward.
- Being served your favorite drink in a crystal glass each time you board Air Force One... whether you're thirsty or not. 

Let's hope Mr. Snow can get on the lecture circuit, become a lobbyist, and/or get hired back by Fox News/ Clear Channel -- with a big pay bonus, no doubt -- before he is forced to slip into the upper upper middle class!

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