Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

You've been outed on Wikipedia!

No, I'm not referring to homosexuality. I'm referring to companies, governments, and organizations who anonymously edit Wikipedia entries in the hope of "rewriting history".

As I'm sure many of you know by now, a clever programmer -- presumably with a wicked sense of humor -- wrote a tool to easily find people who do this.... and all sorts of interesting edits have been outed, with Wired adding a special feature to their site in order to simplify the process of sharing the most eggregious violations!

... and some of them are pretty bad. People at Diebold trying to remove information that calls their voting machines into question. Scientologists trying to whitewash their history. ExxonMobil trying to do the same regarding the Valdez cleanup story. People at the NSA removing references to secret surveilance programs. FoxNews editing Al Franken's entry... and the list goes on.

And if this, the Internet equivalent of a "ten car pileup", isn't drama-inducing enough, now all the major political websites are out there telling their users to start digging up dirt... and presumably voting other politically charged entries down. It's gonna get ugly.

I have been doing a few searches myself, and after trying several different searches of previously unlisted groups and organizations, I struck paydirt, exposing someone working for the Israeli government of vandalizing the entry on the West Bank wall, and negatively slanting the main entry about Hezbollah. Frankly, it will be interesting to examine the edits by *ALL* major governments out there. Expect more updates...

Whoever thought Wikipedia could generate such excellent -- and significant -- webdrama? Makes LJ drama seem rather tame and pointless in comparison, really.

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