Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

my latest excursion... arrival and Friday.

On Thursday night last week, after a long day, it was off to SFO, and off to Las Vegas... My goal on the trip was to avoid the casinos as much as possible, and in retrospect, I mostly succeeded.

The flight to Vegas was long and a bit delayed, with lines everywhere. We finally arrived at our hotel, the Imperial Palace, at around 1:30. The mattresses and hotel room were pretty so-so... no great deal there.

We had to wake up too damn early the next morning to go to a stupid timeshare pitch, since that is how we got the "great deal" on the hotel room. Feh. It sucked. Timeshares are good in principle, but are evil in practice... the next time someone wants to give me free tickets to Vegas in exchange for a "short seminar", I will bludgeon them senseless.

After all of that, I went out to a cybercafe place to check my mail, and grabbed a forgettable lunch. When I got to the hotel, I wanted sleep. Real sleep... I got another three hours or so, waking up groggy and achy due to the crappy mattress. The only thing I appreciated about the Imperial Palace was their semi-reasonable room service and their swimming pool. Yes, I know it's silly, but a giant "IP" in the pool was worth a smirk.

I wanted to gamble a bit, really... but they did a really great job of not persuading me in any way, so I never did. There are no deals worth mentioning at the IP...

By the time evening rolled around, I wanted to get as far away as possible from casinos... Since we were in Sin City, Kirsten and I wanted to check out the adult stores... I really wanted to see The Pes Studio, since they are supposed to be both informative and hideous kinky, especially when it comes to erotic electro stimulation. I can't say I've ever tried electro stimulation, but I am a natural born knob twiddler, so if it feels good... Unfortunately, I was miffed to find out that they closed so early and had no weekend hours! Great way to discourage visitors from out of town, I think...

We decided to check out the "World's Largest Adult Superstore" on Tropicana, instead. We had been once before, but were hoping we missed something worthwhile. Nope. The place was still a letdown. Sure there was a lot of stuff, but most of it was pretty crappy or pretty vanilla, with row after row of generic porn. Whee. It was no Good Vibrations when it came to toys, and no Stormy Leather when it came to kink. Maybe we were too jaded for Vegas... I kind of found that hard to believe, however. It must have been their stupid, regressive laws against kinky sex.

We tried out Pal Joey's, which was the most interesting store yet, with a considerably higher kink factor, if not a great selection. We decided to purchase a flogger made out of rubber. It was mentioned that we should drop by next door, as it was free. It was also a dungeon/sex club too...

General rules... Kirsten and I avoid strip places (futile teasing) and sex clubs (meaningless sex) but we both have an interest in BDSM clubs, especially those featuring gothic/industrial music and sexy people. Fortunately, Pussys and Jocks, as it was called, was far from intimidating when we got there. Infact, nobody was there except for the people who ran the place.

We stepped up to the bar in the dark club... there was a stage on the far side of the room, and industrial metal fixtures everywhere. A mysterious cloaked, darkhaired female came down from the stage and went up to Kirsten, introducing herself... looks like we were going to get a tour of the premises. We followed her from room to room and item to item with a smiling curiousity, as we received instructions on what everything was, what the spaces were for, etc. Her specialty was apparently pouring hot wax on people... a service for which she charged $300 an hour. While she was very appealing, I don't think so...

She showed us something that looked like a rotatable matress frame that was mounted vertically, and trellised with a web of rope that someone could be wrapped up in/tied to/rest on, etc.

"Guys are restrained head down on the rope, so that their package faces out... and women face up, so that we have better access. You know... titty and kitty."

Kirsten (aka Kitty) found that statement amusing.

We were really surprised to hear that our guide couldn't even whip or flog people, since that is against the law in Las Vegas. How they were supposed to get an income under such circumstances, I don't know...

We tipped her for the tour, and stayed at the club for a few hours, hoping it would pick up. It never really did, though.

We decided to call it a night... after all, it would be a long day on Saturday.

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