Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Screwing our allies, stuck in the Kabubble.

In a new survey of 700 Korean adults aged 20 or higher, 59% of characterize Washington's current attitude forbidding any kind of negotiated settlement over the Korean hostage standoff as "irresponsible". U.S. unwillingness to negotiate is viewed by many analysts as likely to greatly increase the ranks of anti-American Korean political groups opposed to the U.S./Korean military alliance and the continued U.S. military presence in that country. This is especially likely to occur if the hostage ordeal drags on, or if the hostages are gradually executed.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan's Ministry of Interior has ordered Afghan security forces not to allow foreign aid workers to travel outside Kabul without an armed escort. 

This policy, designed to prevent further foriegn hostage embarassments, is being widely criticized by representatives of local and international N.G.O.'s.

"Armed escorts will undoubtedly make N.G.O.'s a legitimate target for antigovernment elements," said Hashim Mayar, deputy director of A.C.B.A.R.—a coordination umbrella for N.G.O.'s in Afghanistan.

Matt Waldman, an adviser to the British charity Oxfam, said, "Whilst we understand the reasons for this move, we believe it is disproportionate and could have adverse consequences for development works, particularly in rural areas."

So, just so all those Brits and Canadians out there are clear, your soldiers have fought, suffered, and died in and around Kandahar over the past year, in order to clear out the Taleban in that region, allowing for roads to be made, which will allow for NGO agencies to come in and begin reconstruction in an attempt to win the hearts and minds. 

This will lead to them being shot at, blown up, or violently butchered on YouTube, at which point all the NGOs will run back to the Kabubble. 

The local Afghanis will feel abandoned by the West and victimized by their own corrupt government authorities, and will support the Taleban instead, because at least the Taleban can see to it that they will be able to feed their familes, so long as they plant a little opium... 

The guy from the Taliban will make a deal with a smuggler, getting mortars and explosives for building several carbombs in exchange for the opium, which will then be refined into heroin, exported overseas and sold to your kid, who will get themselves a lovely little addiction requiring prolonged incarceration at taxpayer expense. 
(Oh, and they'll contract AIDS too.)

So... any questions?!   


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