Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Non-spoilery thoughts on JK Rowling / Harry Potter.

I liked some of it, and found some of the rest kinda weak and spotty.  Needed another 2-3 months of work.

Started well... and then it began to drag. There was a big ending, but that was practically a given. Also, the Epilogue was more like an appendix... meaning, of course, a useless organ prone to inflammation that should probably be surgically removed.

Snape sections turned out exactly like I expected. Really, considering the big buildup, there wasn't enough Snape in this book for my taste. The Malfoy sections were very weak (, not just a little weak.) and, in points, unbelievable. At least two of the horcrux sections were quite spotty and cobbled together.

Oh, and I hate it how JK Rowling always has her characters sit around and do nothing when there are obviously some things they could do.  While it may make sense for Harry to be inattentive to trying to solve obvious mysteries if he's studying all the time, can anyone give me any reasonable excuse for the sheer amount of sitting around that the main characters do when they aren't at school?

Sometimes it reads like:

"Harry, Ron, and Hermione puzzled about the clue of the day before, but they got into an argument about how fast paint peeled that completely distracted their attention. After six weeks staring at a neighbor's barn, watching little flecks of the paint , Harry noticed that the leaves had fallen and it was starting to snow. Harry put on an extra sweater."

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