Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The Getaway Car.

While it's been interesting / amusing / a trainwreck seeing everyone work up a good bicker and froth in this post, and kind of fun at times to chime in, I have places to go and promises to keep, running headlong, gobsmacked, into the weekend and a nice long vacation up the coast of the Great Western Ocean that I have rather (intentionally?) underplanned.

You can all just picture me driving north along the coast, Blade Runner ending credits style, escaping this pre-apocalyptic dystopia if only for a little while... Rampaging llamas, yurts, tall trees, winding roads, and the final destination, a little island off the coast of the continent, there to celebrate their Independence (from the mainland) Festivities. A place to just be. 

As I've said before, the best independence is always at the fringes of how far you can reasonably go. Let's hope my theory holds up. Stopping by for awhile at a place between here and there. Sounds like fun. 

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