Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Canadian PM Harper doesn't work pro-Bono.

Canadian PM Stephen Harper doesn't want to meet Bono.

Which, is kind of stupid and not the point, really... politicians don't necessarily *WANT* to meet Bono. They meet with him because the guy isn't just a celebrity, but represents a larger constituency. One that has actually had some success in getting governents on board to reduce the spread of AIDS and reduce the hardships of those in the 3rd world. Love him or hate him, Bono is the figurehead for a very large, important international movement that seems dedicated to doing a whole lot of good in this world.

Are we to believe that Bono really wants to meet personally with Harper? Somehow, I kind of doubt it. He does it because it serves a larger purpose.

So, to refuse to meet Bono in such a role, and to minimalize him as just another celebrity... well, that's just stupid and demeaning. 

When Shirley Temple Black worked for charities, or served as a U.S. ambassador, was she just a childhood actress? When Colin Powell seeks the attention of politicians for the youth-oriented charities he champions, is he just an ex-general? No. Are we to believe that most politicians actually *WANT* to meet with Reverend Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson?! Somehow, I doubt it.

Harper is either being disingenuous, or is completely missing the point. When he dismisses and minimalizes Bono, who is, on one level, a puffed up, overblown celebrity who doesn't make particularly good music anymore... well, let's just say that he is minimalizing a lot more people than Bono. Harper is, in effect, seeking ways to justify screwing the world's poor and sick for the sake of corporate profits.

He minimalizes most Canadians, really. After all, they're just a bunch of plebes, with meaningless jobs and not a whole lot of real power. If they did have power and influence, however, Stephen Harper would probably meet with them. 


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