Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Latest musical notes.

J'taime Frequence Terre. It has a surprisingly large, ecclectic range of wonderful music from around the world. Quite nice indeed. They also have little bits about the environment every blue moon, most of which completely escapes me.

(So, musically speaking, my tastes must be pretty similar to French eco-hippies. Hm.)

I also have to say... my favorite J-rock band is quite definitely Last Alliance, who does the wonderful closing theme for  the "Ouran Host Club" anime. I love the guitar riff in that song... very Johnny Marr... and their playing in general is so damn tight and snappy, with wonderful choruses and excellent vocal styings and a real knack for cranking out addictive post-punk.  Who cares what they're singing? Who cares if their looks are... well... kinda non-pretty by J-Rock standards? They sound great.

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