Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

John McCain has his "Yaaargh" moment.

Listen to that awkward silence. In a room full of Republicans, even.

"How many times do we have to prove that these people are blowing up people...?" 

Um... if you're talking about actual proof that the Iranian government are behind attacks on U.S. soldiers, well... once would be a good start. Ideally in an international forum such as the U.N., so that we're not isolated in our opposition to such behavior. And ideally we should defend our accusations with that stuff that we didn't use in making the case for WMDs in Iraq. Ummm... what was that word?! 

Evidence! Yeah. We should get some of that! And it would be even better if we didn't just make it up, too.

Um... so, really, I guess McCain isn't in the race anymore. At least not the race for President of the entire United States... you know, those people who pretty much overwhelmingly do not want another war with Iran on top of the two we are already fighting. 

Apparently, John McCain cannot wait to honor more dead American soldiers. It's just the living soldiers with lives, families, hopes for the future, and homes that they'd like to get back to someday who he disrespects. Thankfully, the soldiers themselves have a sense of humor about such things.

(BTW, 'grats to LiveJournal for doing yet another tweak to their posting interface, thereby making it more difficult to embed YouTube videos than before... and if it ain't convenient to embed video, I'm just going to link to it, period. Rather than specifically enabling the most popular video sites on the web, LJ has come up with a dynamic new way to hobble everyone! Finally, we're all equal!)

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