Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Taleban officials released in exchange for Italian reporter.

We don't negotiate with terrorists.... or not

A Taleban spokesman and at least one other prominent Taleban official has been released in exchange for Italian reporter Daniele Mastrogiacomo.

On Sunday, the Italian foreign ministry said that all conditions set for Mastrogiacomo's release had been met but did not elaborate. A statement from the ministry also urged the media to respect a "news blackout" on the issue... presumably because the full details on their capitulation would be too embarassing for the Italian government.

... and the thing is, it wasn't that bad a deal really, as far as prisoner exchanges go. It could've potentially hurt the coalition in Afghanistan far more had the reporter died, as Italy would've been prone to leave Afghanistan.

That said, the next time the Italians think about the risks involved in Afghanistan, they'll think about what happened here, and will feel uncomfortably weak.... but that's what happens when you push an unprotected pawn forward, I guess.


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