Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Adopt-a-Petfish update

For those of you on other spheres of consciousness lately, Petfish has to move by the 15th of the month... quite soon, really. She is looking for another job doing tech support, junior level linux/unix sysadmin, or software testing, and is willing to relocate for a new position. Anyone actually know someone who is hiring?! Her resume is at : ...please pass it around, if possible.

So far we have $120 in the Adopt-a-Petfish fund. In addition to that, Iceblink and I are throwing in $100. I want to thank the people who have given so far for their generosity, but we can use more donations... they don't have to be big. $5 and $10 are perfectly wonderful donations, and twenty or thirty donations like that would do a lot to help. Rental prices seem to be about $400 for an inexpensive place in San Diego, so if we can get the total up a bit more, it would be appreciated.

I will probably have to wrap up the Adopt-a-Petfish campaign in the next week in order to make sure she gets the $$ in time, so if you can donate or even just tell other people about her situation in your journal, it would certainly help.


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