Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Enjoy yourself. (It's later than you think.)

A few choice quotes from the latest news on global warming...

"Things are happening and happening faster than we expected..."

"For a time, food will be plentiful because of the longer growing season in northern regions. But by 2080, hundreds of millions of people could face starvation..."

"Hundreds of millions of Africans and tens of millions of Latin Americans who now have water will be short of it in less than 20 years. By 2050, more than 1 billion people in Asia could face water shortages. By 2080, water shortages could threaten 1.1 billion to 3.2 billion people." 

"About 100 million people each year could be flooded by 2080 by rising seas."

"Death rates for the world's poor from global warming-related illnesses, such as malnutrition and diarrhea, will rise by 2030. Malaria and dengue fever, as well as illnesses from eating contaminated shellfish, are likely to grow."

"Smog in U.S. cities will worsen and "ozone-related deaths from climate (will) increase . .. turning a small health risk into a substantial one."

"We truly are standing at the edge of mass extinction..."

The whole world, 
which had been 
like a festival,

Slowly calmed down. 

And those days

became the
gentle time of
what is called
the "Age of the 
Calm Evening".

let me show you
just a moment of this brief time
before night comes.

Sitting on the still warm concrete...
The night of humanity
may it be a peaceful age.

"Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou" - 2006


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