Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Connecticut embraces internet nanny state.

Connecticut lawmakers debated a bill on Thursday that would require social-networking Web sites such as MySpace to verify users' ages and force minors to obtain parental consent before posting profiles, charging potentially $5000 for each violation discovered on their website.

...nevermind that many social networking sites were initially created by individuals and groups of developers in relatively non-profit situations, and that profile pages are standard features on all sorts of pre-programmed, ready-to-use web applications for running sites and forums. The legislation also allows individuals to bring private lawsuits against sites which don't verify their users first.

So, what this bureaucratic pigfucker is saying, basically, is that independent web developers can't create social networking sites anymore, for fear of legal liability, even if they're creating or hosting their site in a completely different state or country! Anyone who runs a simple forum website should be screaming mad about this one, because legally, they'll be forced to retroactively verify / boot their site's members in order to be in compliance with such laws... and still, they will face crippling levels of loability.

This is, of course, good news to protect "the kids", right? Nevermind that many of the social networking sites in question were created by those same kids, because they wanted to find ways of communicating with each other that weren't controlled by adults.

The parents have spoken, and they cannot be held responsible -- or trusted -- to watch out after their own kids anymore, so the state must do so. Innovation and the right to create must die to support the nanny state. 

So, where's my right to sue irresponsible parents for everything they own, if they happen to be so irresponsible in watching out after their kids that their actions strip me of my rights to create and to express myself on the internet? 


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