Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Yurt dreams.

Twin dragons wrapped around towers guard the front gate of this house. Their eyes light up at night, and sensors automatically open the gate. Picture by mylesblackwood.

Like a lot of people nowadays, I suffer from allergies which seem to be made worse by living in the center of the Silicon Valley. As a result, I'm currently looking for places / ways of living somewhere close to the Summit Road region of highway 17, up in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains, conveniently located halfway between the surfers and the dotcommers. The redwoods act as a microclimate and giant air filter, and also tend to discourage the planting of those things that I am allergic to.

While searching for properties and wondering about the legality of putting a yurt on a piece of property around there -- all sorts of zoning laws exist for these sorts of things -- I stumbled upon mention of someone living in a yurt somewhere in that region. And then I found his flickr account... what a cool place! You can see his yurt in the background.

I've emailed him, and he seems to love living in up there, in a yurt filled with several thousand dollars worth of computer equipment. He rents it from the owners -- friends of his -- at a very reasonable price, and the owners also live in yurts on the same 10 acre piece of property. The house itself is sort of a shared common area, though I suspect its rooms are also rented out, in order to defray the cost of the $4000+ per month mortgage payments so common around these parts. This presumably allows the owners of the property -- at least one of whom is an artist/sculptor -- additional freedom to pursue their creative sides.

Interesting idea... it's pretty cool to see people succeeding with non-traditional housing options in an often rigidly zoned part of the country.


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