Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

What's up for New Year's?

So, what's everyone out there doing to celebrate New Year's out there? I wanna know...!

It's Natalie's birthday, so we're having a gathering at the house, with a really nice spread snacks -- coldcuts, cheeses, caprice salad, dolmas, fresh seasoned pita chips and hummus, smoked salmon, olives, olive bread, deserts, fruits, fresh berries and cherries, and probably a slew of other things I'm forgetting. The theme is a pajama party, and though the party will probably be mostly social, we'll also be playing boardgames. Not sure whether we're going to break out the Wii tonight or not though. Oh, and I have some pretty lovely wine pairings, even... with champagne all around at midnight.

Currently, we have about a dozen people showing up who found out about the gathering on Kirsten's journal, but just in case there are a few of you on the friend's list who don't have plans out there, feel free to drop by. Just shoot me an email for details.

As for the rest of you, have a loverly New Year, and/or a peaceful Eid. Don't drive drunk, and don't fall down in the gutter!

Last post of the year! W00t! - 

Update: Ok... I admit it... I posted again... but hey, looks like Cthulhu dropped for the pajama party, in elegant nightwear and bunny slippers! 

Oh, the fear!



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