Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Reasons to hate Bush

I've decided that I will create a list of all the reasons to hate Bush for the remainder of his administration. (may it be brief...)

I will reply to this post with more reasons as time goes on, but this is a good start. Let me know if I forgot anything... ;)

Reasons to hate Bush:

He fought to have people's votes left uncounted.

He chose to accept the office despite having a minority of the vote count.

He removed funding for overseas family planning organizations that actually did their jobs right.

He broke his campaign promises that indicated he would be willing to compromise and work together on issues. Almost everything is passing strictly on party lines.

He will probably be successful in overturning estate taxes, benefiting old money at the expense of the middle class and the people who actually became rich during their lifetimes. Old money won't have to worry about new money... they'll be so rich they'll just buy 'em all out. We can all sleep that much more comfortably knowing that Bill Gate's daughter, Jennifer, will inherit the whole enchilada, tax free. If this law stays around, she and her descendents will probably never have to work a day in their lives, ever.

The rest of Bush's tax plan too... giving away money that we don't necessarily have, primarily to the very wealthy... and doing nothing meaningful to get us out of the current economic mess anytime soon. It's a great time for big multinationals, however... they can buy up all the small, innovative companies for a song! It's not like we really wanted innovation or competition... that just gives us more and better things, and allows us to pay less for them. Who'd want that?

He backs Israel, despite the fact that the Israelis have killed about 5 times more Palestinians than Palestinians have killed Israelis, have imposed an illegal blockade on the Palestinian people, have bombed and rocketed Palestine, killing civilians in the process... given all that Israel has done to polarize the situation, the Palestinians have actually shown a fair amount of restraint, considering. Still, the Palestinians are supposed to unilaterally stop the violence, often caused by independent factions... as opposed to Israeli violence against Palestinians, which is the policy of the state.

He's supporting a bill to make killing an even marginally pregnant female a "double homicide"... thereby giving legal precedent that all fertilized cells, zygotes, etc. should be treated as human beings and further undermining Roe v. Wade.

He has talked down the economy in order to give people motivation for passing his tax cut, losing people billions of dollars and thousands of jobs unnecessarily.

He isn't going to accept the Kyoto accords, thereby undermining an important global treaty and damaging the ozone layer further.

He wants to drill for oil in Alaskan preserves, despite the evidence that shows it will greatly effect the wildlife.

He is trying to "solve" the California energy crisis by essentially bypassing clean air standards and drill for oil off the California coast, despite the wishes of the people who live in the state.

He will only sign a campaign finance reform bill that doesn't reform campaign finances.

One month down, 47 to go... Can we bear it?

I suggest a mass protest. We should all get in our cars, bike, walk, whatever... and just all go to Canada. Who knows?! We might like it there and want to stay.

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