Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The last gasp of Choose Fresno.

You may remember my post from last year about, a website created by the Fresno Chamber of Commerce to encourage high tech and other Bay Area businesses to relocate to their city.

Well, looks like is encouraging the growth of a new kind of industry in that city nowadays. (I hear the link has adult-oriented popups and triggers trojan warnings which I didn't notice due to my browser settings... sorry!)

Finally, the people of Fresno are getting some high-tech jobs! ;-)


I wanted to put up a special greeting to the readers of Fresnofamous, a site that helps do its part to make a city that most people refer to as an armpit, well... sorta cool in a quasi-lame kind of way, really.

My apology, dear readers, both because you presumably live in Fresno, but also because, here I am, a non-Fresnovite, mercilessly ripping on your hometown. Your 'hood, if you will. Everyone knows that only Fresnovians are supposed to insult Fresno... and they certainly do. It just that sometimes, when you feel stuck in a crappy little town, it just hurts too damn much to hear others point it out to you.

Let's face it... most of you didn't choose Fresno in any meaningful sense of the word. But Fresno is your home. It's where your friends and family live. Who wouldn't choose that?!

So again, my profuse apologies. Fresno may kinda suck, but underneath all that suckitude, there's a lot of deranged, angry, twisted, frustrated, pissed off people -- and that can be a positive thing, if properly channeled. Indeed, it can help lead you towards incredible creativity and success in your life. Admittedly, chances are good that you'll have to leave Fresno in order to actually find that success, but if you do choose to leave one day, Fresno will always be your hometown, and yes, somehow, against all common sense and any shred of reason, you may somehow find that you occasionally miss it.

Choose Fresno! -

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