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for want of party...

Every year in the Bay Area, there is a geeky yet occasionally cool convention called Baycon. I usually crash the thing for the parties...

Well, there were rumblings and mumblings that Iceblink mentioned to me about lots of LiveJournal people going this year, so I thought I should perhaps throw a party there this year...

It looks like they're requiring convention badges for everyone this year, however. That sucks. Therefore, although I might do some promoting of LiveJournal there, the party isn't going to happen. Maybe I'll have a party elsewhere at that time...

I also have a bigger, badder, better idea for a party anyways... The 1st Annual LiveJournal Open Source Masquerade Ball, the idea of which might be quite popular in the Bay Area. I know just where I'd like to throw it, too... now if only I can pull it off!

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