Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

If you're a kid, and you want to go Wii....

I bet several of you are a bit depressed about missing out on the big, horkin' sales rush for the Wii, right? (i.e. You're a Wiimo.)

Well, I have a bit of good news for you... but it will cost ya.

Get your butts over to right freakin' NOW and you'll find they have two bundles for sale, with various games.

The best bundle is the Action bundle, as it allows you to get your Zelda game on. The total cost is practically the retail price, but you can save an extra $30 using the following code:

Go! Quickly! I have only two requests:

1> If you get a new Wii, I want you to post a comment showing me a picture of you having fun on it.

2> If you sell your Wii, I want a 50% cut on your profits, sucka.

So, who loves ya, baby?!

UPDATE: The Wii sold out within ten minutes of my post! Still, I hear that Target, Walmart, and Circuit City may all be selling Wii's online later. I would check in on them around 8am PST if you missed out. Also, Target is having a 10% off sale on all Wii games today, I hear. 

As for me, I've got to get myself some additional controllers / nunchucks, as the biggest selling point of the console seems to me to be that it's a great one for real-life multiplayer gaming. Looks like the best, most revolutionary face-to-face multiplayer system since the Atari 2600, I'd argue.

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