Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Palestinian rap?

Yeah. Palestinian rap.

Boikutt, a group straight outta Ramallah, is rockin' the West Bank. Respect, y'all.

They'll be touring through Amsterdam and London in December, where they'll no doubt turn a few heads. A novelty... or a potential breakthrough artist?

Here are a few of their tracks:

"Reporting Live"
"Another Occupied Town" , featuring Paracat 
"Qararat", featuring Stormtrap & Lethal Skillz
"Dameer Mustater 73"
"Khaleeni a'eesh"
"Nateejeh bala shughol" 

If you ask me, they're the biggest Palestinian threat to the Israeli status quo that I've seen to date. The most dangerous people in Palestine have handycams, weblogs, and microphones.  

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