Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

I know it's awfully partisan of me, but...

        In your face, Bolton!

I can't say that there's any Republican left in government that I dislike more vehemently than John Bolton. Sending him to represent our country at the United Nations is like sending David Duke to speak on the government's behalf at an NAACP convention. It's good for this country to see the last of him, because by the time we actually figure out how to extricate ourselves from Iraq and Afghanistan, we might want all the help we can get.

And, in a true, bipartisan way, it's an outgoing Republican who has chosen to stick it to Bolton. I'd kiss Lincoln Chafee, if only I didn't have strong suspicions as to where his lips have been in the past.

So, who else would I like to see gone before 2008? How about Stephen Cambone? Or, of course, Paul Wolfowitz. I'd put Wolfie at the top of the list, if I didn't feel that Cambone's position in the DoD was the most completely inappropriate under the circumstances. It's time to clean house, before all that unreleased video footage from Abu Ghraib becomes next year's "Faces of Death". Both Gen. Sanchez and Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller have taken an early retirement, so Cambone is the biggest fish left to fry...

Step down, Cambone... before situations force you to leave in disgrace!


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